Are you skinny enough for #TopManSprayOnJeans ?

Topman spray on jeans

Too skinny for skinny jeans? Skinny jeans is going out of fashion as Topman introduces the new… SUPER-skinny jeans called the Spray-on jeans. While skinny jeans was popularised in the 1990s by indie/emo/scene/skater/punk kids, 99% of the population owns at least one pair now (or not). The increasing popularity of skinny jeans is probably because it is deemed as a basic must-have jeans in everybody’s wardrobe. Pairing it with a simple white T-shirt gives off the clean & classic look. The overwhelming demand sparked Topman to introduce the Spray-on jeans as the new shape for autumn. The main selling point is the super-skinny shape of the jeans. With that, Topman is hoping to be the cult choice of this season.

With their target market being the younger generation, Topman launched a Twitter campaign on September 24 to encourage wearers to share selfies of themselves in the jeans with the hashtag #TopmanSprayOnJeans and also offer Premium Spotify accounts to one sharer a day. This way, fans of the Spray-on jeans will be able to show men the many ways to wear their Spray-on jeans stylishly.

My thoughts on the Topman Spray-on jeans was just… ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! As if it wasn’t hard enough to squeeze into a pair of skinny jeans, lest to say a pair of super-skinny jeans. On top of that, i’m a girl. I don’t know how do these guys feel comfortable with such tight-fitting jeans. I do applaud Topman for making the effort to run this campaign though. In case you don’t know what Spotify is, it’s the next big thing. Spotify is a music-streaming site which offers a Premium Spotify account at $10/month to download songs into the app, to listen whenever (Even when there is no internet connection). To put it simply, it allows you to play songs off the internet. The collaboration between Topman and Spotify is congruent with one another as skinny jeans are mostly popular among indie/emo/scene/skater/punk kids. This means that they are avid music lovers. What better way to motivate them to post selfies of themselves, wearing the pair of super-skinny jeans, with the incentive of a Premium Spotify account? Tell me about it.


Interested in getting one? Head over to TopmanSprayOn


4 thoughts on “Are you skinny enough for #TopManSprayOnJeans ?

  1. OHHHHH! I’m not too sure how I feel about these spray on skinnies.. Like you said the thought of boys wearing any tighter jeans makes me squirm haha! But good one Topman for collaborating with Spotify, I think thats a really great idea considering their target market. Lucky I love Topshop otherwise I think I would be a bit put off by this campaign.. but each to their own! Very interesting post!!

  2. Sort of reminds me of American Apparel disco shorts, could an item of clothing possibly get any tighter? Neither of the items leave much to the imagination. Interesting campaign though

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